Although I’m not one of the founding members of arrefole, I can tell you how it all started for me.

It was the year 2001, and I had been delving into the Folk music scenario (which story I’ll tell in another post…) for some time now, without much avail. My professional life was that of a typical software engineer, freshly graduated and living in the advent of social networks. AOL and ICQ were paving the way for the Instant Messaging phenomenon and played their part in this story…

It was through ICQ that Gonçalo found me. In the interests section of my ICQ profile, I had written something like “Celtic music, Folk, Guitar” (I don’t really recall it exactly). But it was enough for Gonçalo, while doing a search for local musicians, to find me and spark contact. Quickly enough, I was joining the project and adding stringed harmonics to a “pipers-duet + drummer” setting.

Oddly enough I only knew the project’s name a few rehearsals later, when I was handed a cd recording (in the pic) of their first live performance (at Litterae 2001)